Practical Big Data Analytics

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Introduction to Big Data

What is Big Data-
Big Data opportunities, Challenges-
Characteristics of Big Data-

Introduction to Hadoop

Hadoop Distributed File System-
Comparing Hadoop & SQL-
Data Locality-
Hadoop Architecture-
Map Reduce & HDFS-

(Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS

HDFS Design & Concepts-
Blocks, Name nodes and Data nodes-
HDFS High-Availability and HDFS Federation-
Hadoop DFS The Command-Line Interface-
Basic File System Operations-
Anatomy of File Read, File Write-
Metadata, FS image, Edit log, Secondary Name Node and Safe Mode-
(How to add New Data Node dynamically, decommission a Data Node dynamically (Without stopping cluster-
How to override default configuration at system level and Programming level-

Map Reduce

Map Reduce Functional Programming Basics-
Map and Reduce Basics-
How Map Reduce Works-
Anatomy of a Map Reduce Job Run-
Shuffling and Sorting-
Splits, Record reader, Partition, Types of partitions & Combiner-
(Distributed Cache and Hadoop Streaming (Python, Ruby and R-
Apache YARN-
Sequential Files and Map Files-
Map side Join with distributed Cache-

Map Reduce Programming – Java Programming

Hands on “Word Count” in Map Reduce in standalone and Pseudo Distribution Mode-
Write some Map Reduce programs to solve some real world problems-

Apache HIVE Installation

Installing Hive-
Configuring Hive-
Configuring Metastore of Hive-
Verifying Hive Installation-
Database Operations-
Create Database Statement-
Drop Database Statement-

Table Operations

Create Table Statement-
Load Data Statement-
Alter Table Statement-
Change Statement-
Add Columns Statement-
Replace Statement-
Drop Table Statement-

Apache Spark Basics

? What is Apache Spark-
 Spark Installation-
 Spark Configuration-
 Spark Context-
 Using Spark Shell-
 Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs) – Features, Partitions, Tuning Parallelism-
 Functional Programming with Spark-

Working with RDDs

 RDD Operations – Transformations and Actions-
 Types of RDDs-
 Key-Value Pair RDDs – Transformations and Actions-
 MapReduce and Pair RDD Operations-

Spark on a cluster

A Spark Standalone Cluster-
The Spark Standalone Web UI-
Executors & Cluster Manager-
Spark on YARN Framework-